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It's truly a remarkable journey - to have a school director who, despite a humble upbringing and the odds stacked against him, rose to become a successful businessman and an advocate for education. In a world that often defines us by our achievements and setbacks, this may not be the most conventional start to a story. However, I share this with a sense of courage, as I firmly believe that our past should never limit our potential.

I've always questioned the traditional educational system's rigid age boundaries. When I reached the age limit to take the C.P.E. exams, I was faced with the daunting prospect of leaving primary school, with no clear path to secondary education. At that time, the only apparent option was to seek employment – perhaps as a mechanic, construction worker, or any job that didn't require academic credentials.

But fate smiled upon me. My parents discovered a private school that allowed me to take the C.P.E. exams and continue my education through H.S.C. It was during my studies in Business Administration and SAGE Payroll in the United Kingdom that I realized the privilege I had enjoyed with private schooling. This realization ignited a desire within me to provide equal opportunities for others. Thus, I founded Little Judy Montessori, my first pre-primary school in Mauritius.

At Little Judy Montessori Pre-Primary, I aimed to build a foundation based on equal opportunity. I emphasized nurturing children's true potential, fostering their passion for learning, encouraging sharing, and engaging all their senses in the pursuit of knowledge. I chose the Montessori method for its proven ability to mould children into confident, independent, and compassionate adults, instilling qualities like initiative, dignity, selflessness, sound judgment, and teamwork.

In 2017, fate intervened once more when I met Eric Potin, who is now not only my business partner but also a dear friend. Eric, the Managing Director of four kindergartens in Réunion Island, happened to be visiting Mauritius on holiday. We were introduced by mutual friends, and our conversation about our shared passion for education soon led to a visit to one of my pre-primary schools. Eric was instantly captivated by our approach, and in 2018, we made the pivotal decision to combine our resources and expertise to create a true gem in the south of Mauritius –Judy Montessori Primary School.

This is the story of how a journey that began with adversity and determination has culminated in the establishment of Judy Montessori Primary School, a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing quality education to the children of Mauritius.

Steven Lamy