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Judy Montessori – The Joy of Discovery

I'm Michelle Graham, originally from South Africa, a dedicated wife and proud mother of two beautiful children. My journey in education began during my time in the Middle East when I was introduced to the Montessori teaching method. Over the past decade, I have acquired my certification through The North American Montessori Centre. I'm truly passionate about witnessing the harmonious blend of concrete and abstract learning, especially those moments of enlightenment that light up a child's face with an unrestrained smile!

At our School, our commitment is to provide an environment where every child can realize their full potential. We cultivate ethical living practices, instilling values of courage, integrity, honesty, and kindness in every child. Our goal is to create a place where learners thrive, eagerly anticipating each school day. Here, relationships are nurtured through mutual love and respect, and your child can blossom into the person they are meant to be.

We eagerly await the arrival of your children and the opportunity to commemorate their milestones and celebrate their successes together with you. Join us on this exciting educational journey!
Judy Montessori Primary School is a dynamic institution where the renowned Montessori Method seamlessly integrates with the local Mauritian School Curriculum, MIE, creating a comprehensive and enriching educational experience. Our unique approach empowers students to grasp concrete concepts using specialized learning equipment, gradually transitioning to abstract concepts through mastery. This hands-on learning process, involving multiple senses, fosters a strong foundational understanding across subjects.

While we utilize MIE workbooks, our scholars also benefit from experiential learning with classroom equipment, reducing the reliance on traditional pen-and-paper methods. Our adaptable curriculum continuously evolves to enhance children's learning experiences, encouraging our teachers to embrace creative freedom in their classrooms.

We nurture curiosity, promote discovery, encourage conversation, and welcome questions in all classes, aiming to cultivate critical thinking skills and ensure engaged, happy learners.

Our curriculum encompasses key areas of education:

Mathematics & Geometry: Our curriculum in mathematics and geometry goes beyond rote learning. We emphasize a hands-on approach where students use Montessori materials to understand abstract mathematical concepts concretely. This approach lays a strong foundation in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Through activities with materials like the Montessori golden beads, students grasp fundamental concepts such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This hands-on experience is essential for a deeper understanding of mathematical principles.

Language (English & French): Language development is a cornerstone of our curriculum. We prioritize teaching in both English and French as core subjects. Our approach focuses on immersive learning, where children are encouraged to engage in conversations, storytelling, and reading from an early age. We emphasize correct pronunciation, enunciation, and punctuation. Through this bilingual approach, students become proficient in both languages, enhancing their communication skills and academic success.

Cultural Studies (History & Geography): Our cultural studies program provides students with a broad understanding of history and geography. We explore the history of Mauritius and the world, helping children connect the past to the present. In history, students learn about past societies, beliefs, and cultures that have shaped human actions. In geography, they gain knowledge of global places and environments, alongside map reading and investigative skills. This curriculum sparks curiosity and global awareness in our students.

Science & Biology: Science education at Judy Montessori is all about hands-on exploration and inquiry-based learning. Students actively engage with various scientific concepts, including zoology and botany. Our organic garden serves as a living laboratory, allowing students to study plant life up close and cultivate an appreciation for the natural world. Through these experiences, students develop a deep curiosity about the phenomena and events that surround them.

Grace & Courtesy: and Emotional Intelligence: We believe that nurturing emotional intelligence and social skills is integral to a child's education. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates grace and courtesy lessons into daily classes, helping students develop empathy, respect, and kindness towards others. We create a safe environment where children can express and manage their emotions constructively. These life skills are interwoven into all our classes, promoting emotional well-being and preparing students to be informed and contributing global citizens.

ICT: In today's digital age, computer literacy is essential. Our students have weekly opportunities to learn how to use computers in our dedicated lab. This hands-on experience equips them with valuable technology skills and prepares them for the demands of the modern world. Older students can also utilize the lab for research purposes across various subjects, enhancing their research and problem-solving abilities.

Drama Classes: Our drama classes provide a platform for students to express themselves confidently and creatively. Through weekly drama sessions, students explore the world of storytelling, role-playing, and creative expression. These classes encourage self-confidence, effective communication, and teamwork, skills that extend beyond the stage and into all aspects of life.

Music Classes: Music is an integral part of our curriculum, offered from a child's first year. We partner with the Conservatoire National de Musique François Mitterrand and represent the London School of Music in Mauritius. This partnership ensures that our students receive high-quality music education in both English and French. They have the opportunity to learn musical instruments, develop their vocal skills, and appreciate the beauty of music from different cultures.

Library: We promote a love for reading in a digital age. Our library is a space where children can explore a wide variety of books catering to diverse interests. We continually expand our library to provide engaging reading materials that encourage a love of literature and lifelong learning.

Art: Art stimulates creativity and imagination. Our students engage in a variety of creative activities that complement their academic subjects. These activities allow them to express themselves artistically, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and an appreciation for the visual arts.

Physical Education & Swimming: Physical education is essential for overall development. Our curriculum includes physical activities that enhance students' motor skills, posture, concentration, and focus. Swimming is a core component, as it promotes physical fitness and water safety skills, a crucial skill for those living on an island like Mauritius. These activities also instill a love for sports and exercise, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.